Design thinking for innovation with PETCO / POLYCO


PETCO and POLYCO joined forces to host a workshop on “Design thinking for innovation: improving design rules for sustainability“. The aim of the workshop is to inspire better design of packaging, challenge paradigms and thought processes, address problem packs, inspire sustainability and closed loop system thinking and innovation. The workshop is targeted at brandowners, designers, packaging technologists, academia, converters, labellers, corporates, industry, media and anyone else with an interest in design and sustainability.

TOMA-Now CEO, Jaisheila Rajput was invited to address the workshop on closed loop design and value chain thinking. Jaisheila focused on the practical side, choosing to highlight 3 case studies of how companies can effectively bring sustainability into their operations,

  • Closed loop waste beneficiation: how to use recycled content with win-win outcomes.
  • Total integrated manufacturing: the benefits & cost savings of taking a holistic approach to manufacturing.
  • Value chain thinking – using the value chain to address sustainability challenges while creating business opportunity.

Some pics from the event.

Jaisheila Rajput TOMA-Now PETCO Design Thinking for Innovation workshopJaisheila Rajput TOMA-Now PETCO Design Thinking for Innovation workshop speakers