The business of waste | Developing a waste value chain

TOMA-Now was included in Earthworks magazine‘s October-November 2015 issue on the Business of waste. Find an exert from the article below as well as a link to the full article.

As South Africa experiences increased pressure in terms of airspace in current landfills, the lengthy time required to license a new landfill, and the types of waste that can legally go to landfill, business opportunities are opening up in the waste economy. To tap into it, we need to see waste as a resource, not an environmental burden.

Dr Jaisheila Rajput, CEO of Tomorrow Matters Now (TOMA-Now), explains: “A key driver in this approach is how waste that is being recycled [or recovered] can work as an alternative revenue stream. The economic driver is crucial – you need to be able to guarantee a healthy return on investment in terms of skills and infrastructure development, or you need a fully free market scenario where recyclers are able to sell on to other countries.

Read the full article here.