African Utility Week – The Energy Revolution

Earlier this month, Cape Town hosted the 17th annual African Utility Week, the largest power and energy conference in Africa.

Built into this year’s African Utility Week programme was a specific focus on Energy Revolution Africa – a framework within which to explore the transitioning energy landscape in Africa, with a focus on community-scale projects, powered by disruptive technologies, renewable energy integration, and the rise of a new, more agile and more cost-effective energy model to service the rural and large energy user sectors.

Though impossible to summarise a productive three days’ worth of dialogue on important and relevant power and energy topics, the two videos below go some way to providing a snapshot of what the conference set out to achieve, and some of the discussion points that emerged.

Evan Schiff, Event Director of African Utility Week, tells us more about Energy Revolution Africa and what it looks like in practice. He introduces the concept as “something that has grown out of what is happening in the industry at the moment, which is a move towards people, companies and cities generating their own power, instead of relying on large-scale coal-fired power plants or those provided by a central utility”. Watch the full video below:

A useful session hosted by Frank Rizzo, Director of Technology Sector Africa at KPMG, explored the impact of technology on utilities, with the core question being: how do we provide electricity to people who don’t have any? Hear about some of the emerging ideas in the video below: