Sustainability Week 2017 | Spotlight: Green Energy

Sustainability Week is regarded as the premier greening event in South Africa with a call to learn sell and network while putting ideas into motion. This year the event was hosted at the CSIR Convention Centre 13-15 June 2017 with a strong call to advance the Green Economy. The event creates platforms for African stakeholders from different sectors to share knowledge, thought leadership and experience, and to learn from each other.

This year we focused on the Sustainable Energy Summit at Sustainability Week 2017. Africa is the world’s most promising renewable energy investment destination. The seminar was divided into two key areas – a general focus on Africa’s renewable energy infrastructure and a focused view on current and future state activities in South Africa. Some new areas for exploration were introduced including TOMA-Now’s biomass to energy solution.

Alien vegetation can be turned from threat into viable resource, with biomass beneficiation becoming a key entry point for the development of low carbon economies. We discuss the steps to alien biomass beneficiation by developing biomass industry value chains. We have demonstrated the feasiblity of a value chain-based, viable biomass beneficiation approach that gets everyone on board – from the clearers to technology developers to startups and corporates. This is only the first step but there is clear opportunity to viably, sustainably and exponentially develop this entire industry.

Events like Sustainability Week help bring visibility to new innovations and areas of focus.