Vision Zero | Sustainability Week 2018

Vision Zero Waste | Sustainability Week 2018 is an ideal platform for cross-cutting collaboration amongst executives, industry bodies and non-governmental role players to engage, discuss and address sustainability issues. TOMA-Now | Tomorrow Matters Now joined thought leaders, exchanged knowledge and shared insights on the business of sustainability.

We participated in the City of Tshwane’s Green Café session, actively taking on the Challenge: How does City of Tshwane create an enabling framework to achieve Low and Zero Carbon Buildings for all buildings and different types of typologies by 2030?

The session served as a platform for providers of green technology solutions to showcase practical ideas that can be used to fast track the green agenda and address pivotal points needed to create an enabling framework to achieve low and zero carbon ratings for all buildings and different types of typologies.

By means of active dialogue, facilitated groups identified challenges industry currently faces with achieving this target. In particular, discussions were not confined to energy but were extended to zero waste. Key findings helped to develop a roadmap highlighting three key areas: Understanding policy, creating awareness, and the role technology can play in transformation.

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