Modern society is faced with great challenges – climate change, global political insecurities, lack of financial support, unemployment, inequality and the global waste issue. An innovative approach is needed to address these complex issues. But when faced with such mammoth tasks, opposing factors such as time and access to resources can quite easily cloud the way forward towards reaching our goals. We, at TOMA-Now, believe that by the power of meaningful exchange, change is possible. By connecting with a cross section of leading industry players, thought leaders, experts and entrepreneurs, and allowing them to engage in meaningful facilitated dialogues, significant impact can be created. TOMA-Now actively takes participants on an exciting journey using design thinking principles, mapping their ideas in a playful manner. This, combined with a focus on tangible outcomes, has led to significant impact. How does it work?

The playful journey.

We use inclusive engagement, meaningful dialogue and cleverly crafted interactive tools, for our design-thinking workshops. Our maps simultaneously promote both structured and free thinking.  We guide participants in building robust next stage business development opportunities by identifying opportunities and challenges. This workshop format fosters a climate that encourages others to be creative by prompting participants with thought-provoking questions and breaking big activities down into bite-size steps. By allowing participants to discuss, write and brainstorm, under the guidance of efficient and well-informed facilitators, TOMA-Now aims to empower, inspire and build tangible green business outcomes. Our aim is to unlock the responsible value chain economy.

Empower | Inspire | Build

How many times have you attended an event and been inspired in the moment, only to go back to work with the feeling it won’t work here? We address this by providing participants with exposure, experience and tools that they can take back to their workplace. They are equipped to take the first steps.

Empower: As with all games, sports and engagements, certain rules need to be followed. Each participant needs to feel confident and able to take their first step to explore the context and to match new, innovative solutions. Therefore, is it crucial to clearly set the scene and frame out the playful world the participants explore.

Inspire: This approach aims to spark creativity and imagination and above all inspire each other for better solutions. By creating cross-pollination opportunities participants unpack sustainable trends while mapping the value chain.

Build: We finish strong by closing the loop efficiently. To ground this creative collaboration soundly, the closing is usually associated with certain key outcomes and targets being achieved. The workshop concludes by co-creating impactful solutions that will empower participants to leave with something tangible in hand by identifying the opportunities and gaps to be explored.

Co-creation is a powerful mechanism. The green economy is a truly inclusive economy. Finding innovative ways to cross sectors, boundaries and create meaningful impact is key to developing this future.

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Martine Faurie

Martine Faurie

Value Chain & Market Intelligence

Martine Faurie focuses on Value Chain mapping and Market Intelligence at TOMA-Now. She is completing her Masters studies in Environmental Management at the University of Stellenbosch.