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5 reasons for a Sustainability Strategy

5 Key reasons for a Sustainability Strategy: It’s good for your bottom line If properly implemented, sustainability canhave positive financial impact – there’s a reason it’s called the green economy. This typically starts out by optimising resources consumed and is extended to efficiencies (i.e. energy, water, waste). Most businesses have space to become more streamlined […]

Mapping a Goodie Bag Value Chain

Ever wonder what goes into the design and manufacture of a workshop goodie bag? Watch as we map the value chain for our Hong Kong based waste economy workshop goodie bag! Cross border collaboration at its best! Thanks, Mashuka for manufacturing these wonderful goodie bags!

Vision Zero | Sustainability Week 2018

Vision Zero Waste | Sustainability Week 2018 is an ideal platform for cross-cutting collaboration amongst executives, industry bodies and non-governmental role players to engage, discuss and address sustainability issues. TOMA-Now | Tomorrow Matters Now joined thought leaders, exchanged knowledge and shared insights on the business of sustainability. We participated in the City of Tshwane’s Green Café […]

The waste story: From trash to treasure

We live in a world where our most significant story is becoming that of an irrepressibly growing population on a resource scarce planet, and there is an ever-increasing global social consciousness. With this rapid increase in social and environmental consciousness, sustainable business has begun to focus less on offsetting risk, or reducing harmful practices, and […]

Water risk | Mapping supply chains in Zambia

Water risk the new normal. Globally businesses are forced to be resilient, coping with a number of disruptions including the increased frequency and severity of extreme weather-related events. Water risk is becoming commonplace. Water is becoming increasingly scarce in a number of areas around the world, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. It is currently ranked as […]

Key ingredients to drive a waste economy

Waste management and the waste economy has become a topic of increasing importance globally and in particular South Africa. South Africa needs to devise more effective ways to reduce waste produced, primarily due to mounting pressure on landfill sites. The Department of Environmental Affairs reports that the majority of landfill sites in South Africa are reaching […]

TOMA-Now x SAAHK | Street store in Hong Kong

Social inequality plagues even the most affluent metropolises. Hong Kong is no exception – the escalating cost of living, insufficient public housing, and gaps in pension and poverty provisions contribute to an ever-growing disparity between the classes.  Locally, the problems are being addressed by a diverse group of individuals and companies. Every kindness that comes […]

Reducing household waste

Household waste. No time wasted sweeping up Hong Kong’s rubbish Hong Kong’s waste problem has been making global headlines recently. However, the streets are not littered with rubbish. The city is clean. This is thanks to the 10,800 workers who provide cleaning services, including street sweeping and waste collection. Workers, usually older women, normally begin […]