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Food security and the restaurant industry

Ask a chef what he or she understands “food security” to be in the context of the daily operations of a restaurant, and you would most likely get a response along the lines of “receiving all produce deliveries in good order and in time to complete the ‘prep’ (the processing of the ingredients for each […]

Biomass beneficiation – What does it take to build a viable industry

We hosted a workshop on Monday, 30 January 2017 to focus on potential biomass beneficiation applications for alien vegetation. The workshop represented the culmination of a year’s work, funded by WWF Nedbank Green Trust, exploring and identifying the most high impact biomass benefication applications that would support the development of local industries, increase positive community […]

Can Industrial eco-systems reinforce resilience?

Political interventions, economic turbulence and climate change can all place companies under severe pressure. Could a focus on developing industrial eco-systems help to relieve some of this pressure, making organizations more resilient and even thrive under these conditions? Industrial eco-systems operate in a similar way to nature and can be a way to address and build […]

Creative Exchange: Circular economy & design thinking

CCDI invited Jaisheila Rajput Founder of TOMA-Now (Tomorrow Matters Now | TOMA-Now) to participate at Creative Exchange. The event focused on the link between circular economy and design thinking. The focus of the talk was the role of design thinking in the circular economy – or as Jaisheila highlighted, the Infinite Economy. Jaisheila shared insights about value chains and sustainable […]

Sea Harvest on Value Chain business impact

Sea Harvest on value chain business impact. We worked with Sea Harvest on developing their waste value chain for tangible business impact, at their Saldanha site in the Western Cape. Watch as we chat with Sea Harvest’s Strategic Services Executive, Madoda Khumalo about the benefits of working on their value chain for business impact. Madoda […]

Top 5 Focus areas for healthy, viable value chains

We’ve scoured the web, spoken to our clients and partners, and reviewed past projects for Top 5 key focus areas and developing trends to safeguard a healthy, viable value chain. The list is by no means exhaustive but represents valuable lessons learned and upcoming focus areas. Technology as a core strategic driver Production networks particularly […]

TOMA-Now | Integrated reporting with Pieter Conradie

What are the benefits to integrated reporting, aside from stakeholder communication? Pieter Conradie, Progamme Director for Integrated Reporting at Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership at University of Pretoria, talks to Tomorrow Matters Now | TOMA-Now on the role integrated reporting can play in driving the Green Economy in South Africa.

Tomorrow Matters Now at Sustainable Brands Cape Town

Sustainable Brands Cape Town: The must attend sustainable business event #SB16CT – Will we see you there? On 14–17 May 2016, Sustainable Brands will have its inaugural conference in Cape Town. Tomorrow Matters Now | TOMA-Now will join hundreds of thought leaders, brand innovators, designers, and global business leaders to explore various topics and issues […]