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TOMA-Now | Integrated reporting with Pieter Conradie

What are the benefits to integrated reporting, aside from stakeholder communication? Pieter Conradie, Progamme Director for Integrated Reporting at Albert Luthuli Centre for Responsible Leadership at University of Pretoria, talks to Tomorrow Matters Now | TOMA-Now on the role integrated reporting can play in driving the Green Economy in South Africa.

Tomorrow Matters Now at Sustainable Brands Cape Town

Sustainable Brands Cape Town: The must attend sustainable business event #SB16CT – Will we see you there? On 14–17 May 2016, Sustainable Brands will have its inaugural conference in Cape Town. Tomorrow Matters Now | TOMA-Now will join hundreds of thought leaders, brand innovators, designers, and global business leaders to explore various topics and issues […]

Alien vegetation biomass beneficiation: Benefit for South Africa

South Africa is deeply affected by Invasive Alien Vegetation (IAV). These species have been identified as contributing to the reduction of our natural water supply. This finding led to the creation of several key associations such as Working for Water, to focus on the problem. The environmental impact of these plants is significant, particularly regarding […]

Value chain analysis for social impact

Performing a value chain analysis is no longer the domain of seasoned businesses or corporate players. Small businesses and start-ups can likewise use it as a strategic growth tool. Tomorrow Matters Now | TOMA-Now recently worked with the New Economy Accelerator | NEA, a social impact growth accelerator, to offer a 2-day module in their […]

TOMA Now | WWF on water value chain

Dean Muruven, WWF South Africa Water Source Areas Program Manager, talks to TOMA-Now about the development of the water value chain as a means of addressing water scarcity in South Africa. He discusses how business can play a pivotal role in securing the water value chain. Dean also presents some examples on WWF South Africa’s […]

The business of waste | Developing a waste value chain

TOMA-Now was included in Earthworks magazine‘s October-November 2015 issue on the Business of waste. Find an exert from the article below as well as a link to the full article. As South Africa experiences increased pressure in terms of airspace in current landfills, the lengthy time required to license a new landfill, and the types […]