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Big data and the Green Economy

Can effective data management be the key to unlocking the Green Economy? Terms like sustainability and green economy sometimes get bandied about without needed structures and frameworks to ensure that it is tangible, highly implementable and impactful. I recently had the opportunity to attend a “Use of Big Data” Symposium hosted by the ILO with […]

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement means actively listening to your stakeholders and placing them at the centre of the design process. We create significant stakeholder impact by connecting a cross-section of leading industry players, thought leaders, experts and community, and co-creating a meaningful and empowered exchange.

Sustainable Strategy

The true challenge of introducing sustainability principles into your business lies in fully integrating it. Into your purpose, values and strategies. Don’t treat it like a bolt-on. There is a misconception that sustainability costs. While there is a need to look at the affordability of certain types of solutions, sustainability in itself is all encompassing. […]