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TOMA-Now & Woolworths | Value chain focus

  Industry expert and Responsible Sourcing Manager at Woolworths Foods, Tom Mclaughlin, chats with TOMA-Now on the importance of the value chain to Woolworths. Tom shares an interesting example and gives advice to those wanting to develop their own value chains – focus on risk management and collaboration!

Diversity: same same but different

These days it’s hard to avoid discussions around diversity – whether it’s gender or culture based. Working as a consultant in a global environment, the idea of a diverse or multicultural team can seem quite appealing…on paper. What to do when good teams go bad?

Inspiring students at AlchemUS

The University of Stellenbosch Chemistry Department, represented by AlchemUS, recently invited TOMA-Now for an inspiring share session on the road from a technical qualification to business and the business of sustainability. The presentation covered traditional technical career paths with an emphasis on adding value through innovation & process optimisation. It also focused on being open to new opportunities, being willing […]

Leadership lessons from everyday leaders

There’s a lot published and available from the titans of industry and the world’s leading business coaches on leadership. But how do regular people do it? This is something that has interested me for quite a while, particularly when I get to see differences in leadership styles around the world and the hybrids that evolve […]

TOMA-Now goes global

TOMA-Now goes global with our first collaborative project in Dalian, China. TOMA-Now has been invited to join an international project team to support and coach an automotive component manufacturer in Dalian, China. The project is part of our Enhance portfolio of services. We will travel to Dalian periodically over the next few months supporting the […]

Sustainability in the workplace – Postwink invitation

It can be a lot of fun with interesting ideas shared when sustainability practitioners get together, share their practical insights on how sustainability can enhance how we operate and do business. Postwink recently held a workshop for their clients at the Kraaifontein Material Recovery Facility, outside Cape Town, focused on sustainability in the workplace. TOMA-Now […]

TOMA-Now commitment to 110% Green

TOMA-Now has recently made the following commitment to 110% Green, a Western Cape government initiative and has been recognised as a flagship project in the process, “Tomorrow Matters Now | Evolve Sustainable Leadership We commit to extending the work of our leadership development program, Evolve, by creating two internships. We will have two eBooks and case studies […]

House & Leisure magazine – TOMA-Now as thought leader

TOMA-Now was recently featured in House and Leisure magazine’s October 2014 issue, as a result of the work we’ve done on the Better Living Challenge. See selected extract from the interview, Dr. Jaisheila Rajput heads up a sustainability consultancy for businesses, TOMA-Now (Tomorrow Matters Now) How did TOMA-Now begin? While living in Hong Kong, I […]

Leadership lessons from the Danish – stay curious

TOMA-Now was invited to address a Danish Corporate network, “Business Insight 98“, a small but significant network covering several key industries in Denmark. The network was established in 2007 as part of a 2 year management programme “Business Insight”. The group meet 3-4 times a year in training sessions with the aim to increase knowledge and competence in management […]